Quality Assurance Program

VDL-5 Technologies is committed to ensuring the quality of the content we deliver to our customers.  As part of that commitment, we have the following goals for our quality assurance.

  • The professional and technical level of our services must equal or exceed that of other businesses developing military equipment technical manuals, military equipment training and technical manual software tools.
  • We are responsible to customers for the quality of the services provided.
  • We continuously monitor feedback from our customers during content development in order to identify areas to improve our services.
  • We position our company as employing professional staff with a military background in order to provide insight and experience into our content development.

This active approach for quality assurance is the key to our success on our projects.  By including quality assurance activities from the start, on all levels, we have met customer requirements and minimized rework or redevelopment of technical content.  VDL-5 uses our baseline processes and tailors them to fit each project’s requirements.  Our team documents our steps which allows us to trace issues and follow up on them for our deliveries.  This full featured approach, supported by our management, ensures we deliver quality content when it’s needed and for the right price.

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