Removal of Task Orders per New Security Guidance

Per guidance posted on the Seaport-NxG website, the task orders for the VDL-5 Technologies, Inc. Seaport-e contract have been removed. See Task Order Post Guidance, dated 3/21/2021 on the Seaport-NxG site.

VDL-5 Technologies Seaport-e Website- Contract #12-D-7103

This site contains the information to meet the requirements of paragraph H.11 for the VDL-5 Technologies, Inc Seaport-e contract awarded in July 2012. The website contains the following sections:

  • Task Order List - A list of Task Orders received by the VDL-5 Technologies Seaport-e team with a link to the complete task order document.
  • Team Members - A current list of VDL-5 Technologies Seaport-e team members along with information about their capabilities and area of expertise.
  • Experience - A list of team members experience for the last 3 years.
  • POC - Points of contact for customer satisifcation and for information about the VDL-5 Technologies, Inc Seaport-e contract
  • QA - A description of the VDL-5 Technologies team quality assurance program.

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